Coffee Project Announce New EP on A-F Records

Music News | Oct 21st, 2016

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Coffee Project is an acoustic duo from Gainesville, Florida that features Jake Crown (Savage Brewtality) and Buddy Schaub (Less Than Jake). The acoustic duo will be releasing a new EP on A-F Records in the Spring. Their new single, “Anxiety and the Coconut Bar,” is Coffee Project’s first new material in over 5 years. you can listen to that below and get a free download!

The label is offering a free download of Coffee Project’s new track “Anxiety and the Coconut Bar” via their bandcamp page.

Jake and Buddy had this to say about getting back together to make music again:

“I almost had to pinch myself when I sat down to write this and realized that Jake and I had been writing songs together for over 10 years now. What started as somewhat of a whimsical jam one evening has turned into 3 records filled with crazy ideas that we made into ones and zeroes in my little home studio and fans as far away from that studio as merry old England. We’ve played together so many times in Gainesville and even managed to squeeze in a tour up the East Coast during that ten years. As busy as both of us are, I think the glue that’s kept us going for so long has really been that we just flat out enjoy writing and playing music together. Sometimes things just click with someone and it’s obvious from the start. That’s what we have, and that’s why we’re back at it again. “

– Buddy

“After “Leftovers” came out, i moved to virginia and opened a food truck which took most of my time and energy. I didnt write a song for four years. I’m not sure why. I had lots of shit going on, and had every reason to, but didnt. It can be a tad overwhelming when you only write about things that happen in your life. Sometimes you just dont want it out there. I recently moved back to Gainesville, and INSTANTLY wanted to re connect with buddy and record some songs. “Anxiety and the coconut bar” is about overcoming the pain of anxiety, while also being a social person. Its not easy. I guess i decided to write this song instead of take pills, which for me has helped. Buddy and i collaborated on this one which is always great. We got to sit down, fine tune the song together, as a band, as friends. ”

– Jake

You can catch Coffee Project at FEST 15 in Gainesville, FL at 1:30 PM Sunday Octoner 30th at Big Lou’s.


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