Jon Snodgrass – “Tace”

Album Reviews | Oct 21st, 2020

Jon Snodgrass - "Tace"

Record Label: A-F Records
Genre: Rock/Americana
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Punk rocker singer/songwriter Jon Snodgrass has been very busy during this strange year. Making jingles for people, releasing quarantine EPs (Prost Mijos) or singing kid songs about pooping (inspired by the lyrics of my kid). Now his latest album ‘Tace’ (latin for shhh I think) is out and it’s been a long-awaited one for fans of Jon’s. He sings a bunch of songs with his buddies like Joey Cape of Lagwagon, Stephen and Karl of the Descendents, Tim and Zach of Rise Against, Mikey Erg, Neil Hennessy, Jason Livermore and lots more!

Jon is a founding member of Armchair Martian, Drag The River, and Scorpios. I’ve seen Drag The River live once but haven’t seen or listened too much from Armchair Martian and Scorpios. I know, I know folks, I’m behind the curve especially since Jon was nice enough to write a song that was inspired by my son’s poop song. What I have listened to from Jon and his bands has been good and I intend to dive deep into them. I don’t believe he was on the Revival Tour the one year I saw it but he’s also a veteran of that. Hopefully once the pandemic is over, Chuck Ragan will bring that back in a big way.

The opening track is with Joey Cape of Lagwagon and it’s called “Renaissance Man.” It’s something you’d expect from Jon and Joey, a rollicking punk rock tune to get the album started. Jon’s vocals work really well in punk & rock but it’s also fitting for Americana, folk and country which he has done as well. It’s like the same thing if William Elliott Whitmore or Jake Smith of the White Buffalo decided to make a straight up punk rock album. The next song “Bad New Lands” is a highlight for me which features Stacey Dee from Bad Cop / Bad Cop and Stephen Egerton. “Don’t Break Your Heart” starts out like it could go country but then goes the punk rock route. “boyzIImen” is a slower, acoustic one about growing apart it seems, and “1-2-3-4” with Stephen Egerton is a slower, louder tune as well. “The Sequal” is another upbeat song that stands out to me, featuring Tim McIlrath. “Sing along, it’s not a long song” is a funny chorus that should be a crowd pleaser once we’re able to see live music again. “Perfect Match” is particularly awesome as well. The last 3 songs of the album, Jon pays homage to baseball.

There’s plenty of stuff to like about Jon’s music and this album in general. It seems Jon has taken advantage of the quarantining and writing new music. Doesn’t hurt he got to record with a bunch of his friends! Definitely check this one out if you’re a fan of Jon’s music. Buy his music, buy a live stream when he does one and if you ever wanted a jingle written, Jon’s the one to go for as well!

Bottom Line: Excellent new full-length album from Jon Snodgrass featuring a (poop)load of talent
Notable Tracks: Renaissance Man, Bad New Lands, Footage, Don’t Break Your Heart, The Sequal, Perfect Match
Overall Rating:


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