Jon Snodgrass Performs The Song Based On My 4-Year Old Son’s Song To Me

Featured, Media | Jun 30th, 2020

Jon Snodgrass
Photo by Bryan Kremkau

If you had the opportunity to have singer/songwriter Jon Snodgrass (Armchair Martian, Drag The River, Scorpios) expand on a funny song your four and 1/2 year old son sings to me, you would do it right? Surprisingly, I threw this idea out to Jon when he released his new EP Prost Mijos and sure enough, Jon agreed to it!

The premise of the song that my son Connor came up with, was playing the ukulele and singing “Daddy farted, Daddy pooped” and then he goes off and sings about different things I farted and pooped on. Being in lockdown all these months, you can tell what I’ve been doing these past few months. It’s a simple and silly song, but so so funny! I tasked Jon Snodgrass to expand upon it and add some new lyrics. Jon sent back the video and when my son, my wife and I watched the video, the biggest smiles were on our face. The song is hilarious and just made my week! Be careful, the song is an earworm and will get stuck in your head!

Now here’s the world exclusive POOmiere of Jon Snodgrass’ “Daddy…”

Now after watching that, wouldn’t it be great if other musicians and bands covered this and expanded on it as well? If you’re up to the challenge, reach out and let me know! If you want to cover this and expand on it, I’ll feature the song at the top of the page for a bit and spread the word about your band.


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