Jon Snodgrass Offering Free Download of New Children’s EP “Prost Mijos”

Music News | Apr 27th, 2020

Jon Snodgrass
Photo by Bryan Kremkau

Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River) is offering up his new EP Prost Mijos for free! Now, if I released free music for my kid, it would probably be something along the lines of “you’re a smelly poop” for each song and then my son would do a follow-up EP on the ukulele about me farting. Thankfully no one has to hear that, unless you follow me on Instagram. But enough about me, Jon released 5 songs that you can listen to right now.

Jon says: “I made a free record for kids, parents, and regular people too” so you can download that here.

Prost Mijos was recorded at the Snodgrass household March 20th through 26th. It includes five kid-friendly and mother-approved sing-along songs that will get stuck in your head and rattle around for days. From everyday being Mother’s Day (“Mama Tired”) to practicing proper hygiene (“Clean Hands & Feet Too”) to getting a head start on eating right (“Failure to Lunch”) to accountability and letting others be accountable (“Spiderman, Wolfman, Other Man”) to not saying anything unless it’s truthful and kind (“Jumpy Jumpy Whee & Whoo, Also”) – Snodgrass provides a mental break from the current situation for everyone.

Of course you can also listen to the album on Spotify as well:

Be sure to check out Jon’s website for further details and updates during this pandemic.


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