Blag Dahlia releases new retro classic: Candy Now!

Music News | Jun 17th, 2009

MVD Audio and Blag Dahlia are pleased to announce the release of Candy Now! for worldwide distribution. This retro lounge recording will delight and confound anyone who loves good music played with style and tongue held firmly in cheek. Creepy atmospheric tunes meet straight up power pop and all stops in between including country, swing, garage and novelty songs.

Featuring the vocals of Blag and Angelina Moysov (Persephone’s Bees), these light and funny duets bring a whole new flavor to the smorgasbord of sounds you love from Dahlia and fellow producers Bradley Cook and Tom Ayres. Look for cameos by Nash Kato (Urge Overkill) and Bart Davenport (Honeycut).

“The Dwarves have been the nastiest band on earth for so long I wanted to do a real 360 and try to make something completely different,” said Dahlia. “The idea was to make an old school American record with all those retro styles and introduce Angelina’s kind of smoldering international flavor into it. We’re like Sonny and Cher, the girl can actually sing and I’m the other one!”

* Everloving You
* Alice
* Bachelorette
* Take Me To Your Leader (Greedy Bros Remix)
* Waiting Here For You
* On Your Side
* Revolving
* When You Were Mine
* I Think Your Boyfriend’s Dead and I Love You
* Do What You Wanna
* He Who Laughs Last
* Bitch I Love You

Hear some Candy Now! for free here. For more info about this release, visit the website here.


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