DOA set to record new album “This Machine Kills Fascists”

Music News | Jan 18th, 2010

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Punk legends D.O.A. will start recording their 13th studio album This Machine Kills Fascists on January 23rd at the new Profile Studios.

It will be produced by Joe Shithead Keithley and Sean Hollowaychuk. The title is a phrase that has been borrowed from one of Joe’s big influences, the incomparable Woody Guthrie. The album will focus heavily on social justice, just the way Woodie would have done it. It will be released simultaneously by Sudden Death Records, Social Bomb Records (Germany) and Area Pirata Records (Italy) on the people’s day, May Day.

D.O.A. will headline a big Anti-OH-LIMP-IC show February 20th at the Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver. A lot of people are sick of VANOC and the IOC and their anti-democratic methods. To many, the games are not much more than a corporate sellout. Professor Chris Shaw, who wrote the definitive book ‘Five Ring Circus: Myths and Realities of the Olympic Games’ will speak at the event. Support will be a couple of great new bands: The Jolts and F.O.T. (Fear of Tomorrow). Doors at 8 PM, advance tickets at the usual outlets.

Let’s Wreck The Party, D.O.A.’s classic 1985 album, will be released March 16th on Sudden Death. Produced by the legendary Brian “Too Loud” MacLeod (RIP), this album has never been re-released. So what good timing because it’s the 25th Anniversary of Let’s Wreck The Party. The album is a great combo of D.O.A. politics and humor, featuring outstanding tracks like: General Strike, Race Riot, The Warrior Ain’t No More, Our World and Murder in Hollywood.

You can read our interview with Joey Shithead here. DOA have their own YouTube channel that you can watch here as well.


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