Face to Face, Circle Jerks, The Ataris, The Adolescents & Le Plebe confirmed to play “City Underground Fest” on May 8th

Music News | Apr 6th, 2010

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The City Underground Fest is happening on Saturday, May 8th at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California. Why should you care? Because Face To Face, Circle Jerks, The Ataris, The Adolescents and others are playing the fest! That’s Why!! Below you’ll find more details about the fest, so check it out:

On Saturday, May 8th, 2010 the City Underground Festival will take place at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA. This event will bring together an array of diverse alternative individuals to celebrate the vibrant underground youth culture the city of San Francisco has to offer. Boasting huge national and local names in music, skateboarding, and tattooing, this event is packed with enough entertainment and action to captivate youngsters and adults alike. Brought to you by Rude Boyz Present, the City Underground Festival will open its doors at 10AM with the skateboarding competition to begin shortly after at 11AM. This portion of the festival is being co-produced by World Cup Skateboarding. The World Cup has not held an amateur contest in SF for nine years and TCUF marks it’s triumphant return. The competition will be judged by Matt Milligan, Dave Duran, Mike Crum, and Toad and will host 35 of the best amateur skaters in the country. The Winner will have the special privilege of being able to compete in a full on World Cup Pro contest and still maintain their amateur status in addition to receiving a $2000 purse. One of these 35 is Ben Hatchell, the winner of the Tampa AM 2010. The other 34 will be working hard to keep Ben off the podium and take the purse home themselves.

As the skateboarding competition is taking place be sure to walk around and take in the beautiful Bay views and peak over the shoulder of some of the fantastic tattoo artists who will be working on walk-ups all day long. Out to Sea Tattoo Care will present the Tattoo Compound with Idle Hand, Let It Bleed, Lefty’s Tattoo, Black and Blue, Moms, and Mark of the Tiki, sending their best artists to sink some ink on festivalgoer’s. Along with a conventional stop by the tattoo chair the festival and artists are also adding a little twist. Any festival attendant, of legal age, can enter into a contest to be elected “Best Tattoo” of the day. The person with the winner tattoo will received the value of the tattoo in cash by Rude Boyz Present and the artist doing the rendering will win him/her self a new tattoo machine! Additionally, if a tattoo from your past is bothering you, you can enter the Worst tattoo contest. The winner of this will receive a three-month free supply of Tattoo removal cream to aid in the removal of that inky regret. Sounds pretty great for all involved.

Along with all the grinds and ink getting thrown down there will be a legendary line up of punk bands as well. The music will start at 4PM at the close of the skating competition with The Adolescents kicking it off. La Plebe, The Ataris, Circle Jerks and the headlining Face To Face will follow throughout the night.

A ticket to this widely diverse and entertaining event will run you $20 for general admission. For a little extra cheddar you can purchase a VIP section ticket for $50 with access to a birds eye view of the skate competition and a bar in case you and your company want a little space from the kiddies. Join us for the first annual City Underground festival, a celebration of life and living it to the fullest. This show promises to be a fantastic celebration of the enduring spirit of the diverse and underground culture that makes San Francisco the most unique city in the world.

San Francisco Skaters confirmed (more to be announced)
1 Aaron Herrington
2 Tristan Moss
3 Jerry Gurney
4 Jack Given

Buy tickets for the fest here.


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