Help Fund The Steel Pulse Documentary “Dreadtown” via Indiegogo

Music News | Nov 29th, 2015

Steel Pulse

There’s a Steel Pulse documentary called Dreadtown that needs our help getting funded. The documentary is narrated by Danny Glover and is all about Steel Pulse and their importance in the history of reggae and fighting against injustices around the world. The UK reggae band and the director have setup an Indiegogo campaign to get the film finally released and funded. I love music documentaries, particularly for bands and genres that I care about so help out in any way you can! Some videos and info about the campaign are below.

On the Indiegogo page, they wrote:

The definitive Steel Pulse story has been years in the making. Friends, family and supporters have helped the movie get this far without commercial funding. We are funding this project ourselves and need your help to get us over the line.

‘Dreadtown’ is the long-awaited story of Steel Pulse’s 40-year legacy by me, director Yoni Gal, and Oscar® nominated producer, Mike Lerner. I have spent several years with the band and collected hours of unseen archive material from friends, family and fans of Steel Pulse. My good friend David ‘Dread’ Hinds now joins me for the final push to raise the remaining $40,000 I need to bring you the movie I really want to show to the world.

‘Dreadtown’ is a movie about one of my all-time favorite bands and their incredible career. It’s also a movie about their fight against injustice and prejudice that continues to this day. It’s a story that needs to be told, not just for Steel Pulse fans but for anyone who cares about love and justice.

We are here because we feel strongly about not involving commercial funders in this movie – we want to keep it pure. Everyone in our network, including Steel Pulse themselves, has dug deep because they care about this project. We’re grateful also for assistance received from the British Film Institute (BFI) who recognised the importance of this movie. Now it’s over to you! Your contribution, however large or small, makes a huge difference. We need the money to pay for music licensing, which is very costly, and also to be able to distribute the film directly to you. Join the Revolution today by picking up one of our exciting perks and help us bring this movie to the world!


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