Kevin Cogill pleads not guilty for Guns N Rose leak case

Music News | By on Oct 21st, 2008

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Blogger Kevin Cogill, who illegally leaked the upcoming Guns N Roses album “Chinese Democracy,” pleaded not guilty today. Cogill is on trial and could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted of a misdemeanor. I just wish everyone would leak this over-hyped album already so GNR can go away.

From AP:
…Kevin Cogill, a 27-year-old blogger known as “Skwerl” who uploaded nine tracks from the forever-in-the-works LP on his Antiquiet in June, was busted Aug. 27.

Per an affidavit submitted by federal agents, Cogill copped to putting the offending tunes on his site, though he was mum on how he managed to score a copy of what is arguably the most anticipated, if not overhyped, rock record of the decade.

After his arrest, Axl Rose and crew issued a statement saying that while the rockers “don’t support this guy’s actions at that level, our interest is in the original source of the leak.”…

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