Kill Hannah’s Van and Trailer stolen

Music News | Nov 12th, 2009

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I should make a new section on the website that just posts news about bands getting their vans & trailers stolen. This is becoming a pattern, well a pattern that has been happening for long time but a pattern nonetheless. More and more bands are getting their vans & trailers stolen, mostly in Philly. Here’s some advice, don’t stop in Philadelphia!! The latest victim is the band Kill Hannah, who I don’t know but after hearing their music on MySpace, maybe I should have kept it that way. About $120,000 worth of band equipment, merchandise and the van & trailer was stolen. YIKES. Shitty band or not, that’s gotta suck. And for all the bands out there, NEVER leave your van unattended! Especially in cities like Philly.

Yesterday morning Kill Hannah’s tour van was stolen, with the trailer full of instruments and equipment still attached. It happened in a Holiday Inn parking lot in South Philly, the same location that saw Mae’s trailer go missing last week. Kill Hannah lost everything but the clothes and toiletries they took inside for the night.

Details and a select list of stolen equipment are included below. Kill Hannah’s most ardent fans, the Kill Hannah Kollective, took the initiative to set up a relief paypal account, all contributions go towards replacing the band’s possessions: [email protected]


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