Pilfers Celebrating 20th Anniversary with Original Lineup Show in Brooklyn

Music News | Aug 7th, 2017


Pilfers are celebrating 20 years this year and have announced a Friday September 8th show at The Well in Brooklyn, NY. The show will feature the original lineup of Coolie, Vinny, Anna, Nick and James for what could be the last time ever. So if you’re one of those people that are constantly asking Coolie, where’s Vinny all the time, now’s your chance to see them perform together again!

Shy Ronnie and the Stylees (members of Metro Stylee) will open the show so far, tickets are $20 and you can buy them at Ticketweb.

Show Details:
Pilfers (original lineup)
Shy Ronnie and the Stylees (members of Metro Stylee)

The Well
Brooklyn, NY
272 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222-1921
Doors at 6pm(?)

To stay updated on show details, there’s 2 event pages on Facebook here and here.


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