Save BBC6 music and Asian Network stations

Music News | Mar 3rd, 2010

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BBC6 and Asian Network stations are on the verge of getting taken off the air. It would be a huge blow to up & coming bands, and other non-mainstream bands if the 6 Music was axed. We all can’t just listen to the annoying pop music of BBC 1 Radio can we? I can’t even listen to BBC 6 sadly but I know we have a fair share of Brits on here so be sure to sign the petition that has been circulating around the net. Sign the petition here and spread the word!

If the BBC closes 6 Music it will be because it cares more about listening figures than fulfilling its public service remit

Is the BBC really going to axe 6 Music? A station that, upon its launch in 2002, almost immediately connected to its disenfranchised audience: music lovers too old for the trivial banalities of Radio One, too young for the bland suburbia of Radio Two, and too sophisticated for the leery world of commercial radio; the forgotten masses (me included) who still actually buy CDs.


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