Skinnerbox turns 21 at Knitting Factory Brooklyn on April 3rd

Music News | Mar 25th, 2010

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Skinnerbox is celebrating their 21st anniversary at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on April 3rd, 2010! The show is Skinnerbox’s first concert since 1998, and will be supported by the Scofflaws, Eastern Standard Time, the Forthrights, the Hard Times, plus late night Version City All-Stars Jam Session. I would totally go to this if it wasn’t in Brooklyn, why did the Knitting Factory have to move!? Stupid Tribeca residents!!

Skinnerbox (sometimes Skinnerbox NYC) was founded in the late ’80s by scene veteran Jeff “King Django” Baker, who had previously played with the Boilers, the Slackers, the Skadanks, and hardcore band Murphy’s Law. Handling the songwriting, vocals, and trombone, Baker put together a band capable of leaping from song to song between R&B, punk, jazz, and pop variations on the ska sound.

You can see a few photos I took back in the day at Wetlands here. Wow my photos suck hahaha.

Here’s their music video for “Pushing It”


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