The Apple Stomp 2 announces some of its lineup

Music News | Apr 15th, 2014

Apple Stomp 2

If you were following along at Apple Stomp’s Facebook page yesterday, you noticed the NYC ska festival post a word search with 9 bands to find. People found the 9 bands eventually even though the word search seemed to piss off quite a few people. Others enjoyed it. Basically that explains the Internet. Since Apple Stomp 2 is happening May 31st-June 1st at Irving Plaza, I guess everybody is just really anxious on just finding out who’s playing this year so they can make plans around it.

The bands confirmed SO FAR include:

The Toasters (headliner?)
Stubborn All-Stars
Big D and the Kid’s Table
King Django
High School Football Heroes
Sammy Kay and the Fast Four
Johnny Too Bad and the Strikeouts (reunion)
The Allstonians
….and Jiker

After the word search puzzle, fans wanted the rest of the lineup (since Apple Stomp did say they were going to announce the lineup). I believe the lineup is still being put together so not all the details are there yet. I’m hoping some bands I wanted to see are going to be announced in the back 9 but we’ll see. No idea when the other bands will be announced yet but stay up to date at Apple Stomp’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.


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