The Aquabats Releasing New Album “Kooky Spooky…In Stereo” on June 20th!

Music News | Apr 10th, 2020

The Aquabats
Image used with permission for review/news purposes.

Superheroes The Aquabats are releasing a new album called “Kooky Spooky…In Stereo.” It will be released on June 20th and you can pre-order it now. You can pre-save on Spotify and Bandcamp as well, and you can also pre-order shirt bundles and all that fun stuff.

Plus, the band released their single “Pajamazon” and it’s such a fun song that’s obviously very fitting right now.

1. Karate Body!
2. No One Wants To Party!
3. Skeleton Inside!
4. Bed Head!
5. Aliens And Monsters!
6. The Walk Off!
7. Dangerous Leon!
8. Pajamazon!
9. She’s Gonna Live Forever!
10. Sneak Attack!
11. Karate Body Part 2!

The album will be available on digital platforms starting June 20th. Street date for physical copies is TBD due to current COVID-19-related interruptions in manufacturing.


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