The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross Marathon Starts Today on Twitch!

TV News | Oct 29th, 2016

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Last year, Twitch did an amazing Joy of Painting Bob Ross marathon on his 73rd birthday. The marathon played every episode, every season from start to finish minus the amazing theme song. Well, they are doing it again starting today because today would have been Bob Ross’ 74th birthday! Start watching now!

The marathon started at 9am PST so you still have a good 8 days to watch as many Happy Little Trees being painted as possible. After the marathon launched last year, it was so popular on Twitch that they would air episodes every Monday.

Bob Ross’ official YouTube channel also uploads episodes daily and Netflix has a best-of collection so there’s plenty of Bob Ross to go around! I already watch Bob Ross every night because it’s something relaxing, plus my 1 year old also loves watching his soothing voice paint trees and beating the devil out of his paint brush.

And if anyone wants to hear his theme song for over 10 hours, someone even did that on YouTube….because why not:

Watch Twitch now!

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