Twitch launching Bob Ross Night on Monday nights!

TV News | Nov 9th, 2015

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I already wrote about the brilliance of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and the Twitch marathon. After the very successful marathon that celebrated Bob’s birthday, the marathon ended last week. An ominous canvas was left streaming and it said stay tuned with a countdown clock. Well we know what that is now, Twitch will be having Bob Ross Nights on Monday night going forward! From 3pm PST (6pm EST) until 9:30pm PST (12:30am EST), episodes will air and fans will have their Bob Ross fix. There are 31 seasons, so repeats will happen only once every seven months. Plus they will do another marathon next year for his birthday! This is great news, I just wish this was on during work hours too!

Twitch wrote on their official blog:

Well, all good things come to an end eventually. #RUINED! We’ve been as sad as you have, knowing the end of our marathon was approaching. Bob’s voice sends many of us to sleep at night, and calms and inspires us throughout the day. Bob has reminded us of what’s important in life, reminded us of our childhoods, time with family, and the days we’ve spent creating something. WE DIDN’T WANT THE END TO BE REAL.

So, we pulled out all the stops and came up with a new plan. #KEEPBOB. From now on, Monday night is Bob Ross night. Every Monday, we will be running one season of The Joy of Painting on /bobross starting at 3pm PST and ending at 9:30pm PST. There are 31 seasons, so repeats will happen only once every seven months. Whether you’ve had a great Monday and want to celebrate with a familiar crowd, or your day has plain sucked and you want to be calmed by his soothing tones, Bob will always be there for you every Monday night without fail.

The great people at Janson Media and Bob Ross Inc have been incredibly supportive. They’re as excited as we are to see Bob getting the recognition and attention he deserves. So, as a thanks, they are allowing Twitch broadcasters to re-stream these mini-marathons. You can paint right along with Bob, add commentary, and broadcast the result to your own channel. Time to add your own favorite color.

Oh, and of course we’ll celebrate Bob’s birthday every year by running an all-episodes marathon starting on October 29th.

Finally, we want to do something with the proceeds from /bobross that would make Bob proud. Proceeds will go to:

The rights holders – the wonderful folks who have kept Bob’s work alive all this time
Root division, our local arts organization supporting artists as well as teaching children the arts
St Jude, an amazing cancer research organization
Twitch Creative community support
Thank you to all who tuned in and tapped into your inner Bob Ross. May your skies forever be full of happy little clouds and your vistas filled with almighty mountains.

And remember – you can make any little world you want. GGWP, Bob.


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