Adams Dagger – “S/T”

Album Reviews | Dec 24th, 2011

Record Label: Durty Mick Records
Genre: Punk Rock
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This three-piece from Long Beach, Cali is fast, furious and punk rock to the max! Now that I got my 80’s reference out of the way, I would make the assumption upon first listen that Adams Dagger belonged in the 80’s hardcore scene. If you took Black Flag, Electric Frankenstein and early Bouncing Souls, put them in a room and let them have a musical orgy, out would pop Adams Dagger.

The brutal fury of Adams Dagger is relentless throughout the entire album but there is quite a bit of varied musical craftsmanship over the course of its duration. The opening track “Bad Man” is heavy on guitar riffs and solos as much as it is on melody. It’s one of the catchiest songs on the album. “Over and Over Again” is a song about drug addiction that has roots in 70’s oi.

“Adams Dagger” was produced by Elvis Cortez, lead singer/guitarist for one of my favorite bands Left Alone and he has seemed to guide these young punks down the right path. He also does guest vocals on a Left Alone-esque cowpunk ditty halfway through the album.

If you’re looking to get that old school punk rock fix somewhere other than your old “Punk-O-Rama” CDs, Adams Dagger may be just the thing for you. Catchy, relentless and rockin’…what more could you ask for?

Bottom Line: A new punk rock record that sounds like an old punk rock record that wasn’t trying to get noticed by record execs.
Notable Tracks: Bad Man, Over And Over, Here Lies, When I Was Away
Overall Rating:


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