Anna Bates – Here’s To The End”

Album Reviews | Jun 22nd, 2022

Anna Bates - Here's To The End"
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Record Label: Neon Gold Records
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It’s always cool to watch a new talent on the rise. On her new EP Here’s To The End, Anna Bates demonstrates groovy range and incredible vocal talent. “Last Man on Earth” kicks off the proceedings with a really intriguing sound, followed by the lightly toe-tapping “Holy Smokes.”

“Upstream” might be the EP’s lone misstep, but then comes the spiritually querying “Something Greater,” which makes you think about the divine mystery even as Bates’s voice lulls you in to relax. “Oh Well” is a fine conclusion to this short album, which promises great things from Anna Bates in the years to come.

Notable Tracks: To the End, Oh Well, Holy Smokes, Last Man on Earth
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