The Aquabats – “Charge!”

Album Reviews | Jun 7th, 2005

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Ahoy Bat Cadets! It’s been over 6 years since The Aquabats last full-length album but they are now back and ready to geek out the music scene! Their first two albums were very ska-ish but they have been doing their nerd rock for the last couple of albums now. Their songs don’t really have horns, it’s more keyboard driven and that’s fine. I prefer them playing the goofy ska songs like “Super Rad” & “Playdough” though.

The album starts off with an intro and then goes into the geek rock track “Fashion Zombies.” Great, now I got zombies in my head, I’m going to have yet another zombie nightmare. Thanks Aquabats! The songs on the album are in the same realm as “The Floating Eye of Death” & “Myth, Legends…” The songs are witty, wacky and just plain goofy, just like the rest of the songs they play. With those previous albums, they usually contained a few songs that were just plain weird but this album seems to avoid that. Mostly fun nerd rock songs with catchy choruses to sing along to, especially at their excellent live shows! Even though I like the ska songs on their first two albums, I think their sound is a lot more fitting for the type of band they are. They really are the modern day Devo. I like the album more and more I listen to. There’s a lot of tracks that stood out.

If you liked the albums Floating Eye of Death & Myth, Legends, you’ll especially like Charge! Because it’s pretty much the same stuff…BUT only better! I can’t wait to hear some of these songs live.

Bottom Line: One of their better albums! It’s SUPER RAD!
Notable Tracks: Fashion Zombies, Stuck in a Movie, Nerd Alert, Look At Me!, Hot Summer Nights
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