Bear McCreary – “Outlander: Original Television Soundtrack: Vol. 1”

Album Reviews | Mar 2nd, 2015

Bear McCreary Outlander Album Review

Record Label: Madison Gate Records
Genre: Film Score
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Outlander is based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon and the first season aired on Starz last August. It was renewed for a second season and believe might be airing soon (at least in the UK). Bear McCreary has done the score for this TV series and it’s probably one of his best works.

Since the show takes place in 1743 Scotland, expect lots of bagpipes, cellos, harps and flutes in this score. I’m not complaining, in fact, I think scores sound better when they have bagpipes, tin whistles and flutes in them. “People Disappear All The Time” starts off the album and gives you enough flute motifs that you can figure out some of the main themes in the score. The theme for the TV series is sung beautifully by Raya Yarbrough and it’s “The Skye Boat Song.” I’ve always listened to the instrumental version of this song, but done by flutist James Galway. It’s an old Scottish folk song, and has been covered throughout the years by various artists and bands. Raya Yarbrough’s version is really, really nice though and I keep going back to listen to it.

The flute motif played throughout the score sounds awesome. in “Fallen Through Time,” there’s female choral/Celtic sounding singing towards the end and I’m digging that a lot. If you hate bagpipes, better stay away from “Castle Leoch.” Nice bagpipe solo the first half the track and then goes into the cello I believe. Some of these tracks feel like traditional Scottish pub tunes, which is probably why I love this score so much. What’s great is Bear can take this out on the road and play it in small venues if he wanted to (or had time to). I’m sure he’s already done that in LA.

The more I listen to this score, I end up finding more to love about it. Bear is becoming such a TV score giant. The Walking Dead, Black Sails, Battlestar Galactica, Agents of Shield, Da Vinci’s Demons and now this. Outlander might be my favorite score he’s done to date. I can have a Scottish listening block and break out this score, Braveheart and Rob Roy.

Bottom Line: Excellent Scottish score by Bear McCreary!
Notable Tracks: People Disappear All The Time, The Skye Boat Song, Fallen Through Time, The Losing Side of History
Overall Rating:


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