Bear McCreary – “The Forest”

Album Reviews | Jan 25th, 2016

The Forest Album Review

Record Label: Sparks & Shadows
Genre: Film Score
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The latest creepy looking movie that I won’t be seeing is The Forest starring Natalie Dormer. It’s about Aokigahara Forest, a forest in Japan where a lot of suicides take place. Her character goes looking for her twin sister, who went missing in the forest. That’s all I pretty know about the story. Not sure if the movie is a psychological thriller or a horror movie but I’ll probably skip it since it’s not my type of movie.

The score is done by composer Bear McCreary, who has been doing a ton of TV scores lately but not a whole lot of movies. It seems whatever film scores he composes, they seem to be horror or thriller related ones. The score for the Forest is what you expect from a thriller/horror score. Lots of eerie, ominous and sometime creepy motifs like in “The Forest Main Title,” and “Alone in the Cave.” “Journey to Aokigahara” is different than the other stuff because it’s not all spooky sounding like the other tracks. I’m usually a fan of Bear’s music but this one is just okay. What he has done is good, it’s just not the type of score I will revisit and listen to.

Bottom Line: A creepy sounding score that probably works best in the film but not by itself
Notable Tracks: Into The Forest, Journey to Aokigahara, Theme From The Forest
Overall Rating:


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