Big Dumb Face – “Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead…”

Album Reviews | Dec 18th, 2017

Big Dumb Face - Where is Duke Lion? He's Dead...
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Record Label: Self Released/Edison Sound
Genre: Metal/Grind/Experimental
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Wes Borland resurrects his project from the early 2000’s with the follow up to Duke Lion Fights the Terror!! with‘Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead…. The album follows up on the story told on the original album with just as much bizarre passages in songs as the first. Expect a psychotic trip as this album tips a hat heavily to the creative side of Mr. Bungle.

One of the big things right from the get go to point out is Wes has always had this semi super genius musical ability that’s always been partially focused, as if he’s been saving the full potential to unleash in bits and pieces elsewhere. In the past, he’s given projects like Black Light Burns and even a small stint with Marilyn Manson a try outside of his Limp Bizkit guitar duties, showcasing a broader array than just simply checking out his melody. Even though this is a second album, it takes a big departure from the original Big Dumb Face album; with the only things in common being the pitch shifting vocals and the overall bizarre experimental nature.

The album opens up with a “Warning.” Letting you know the kind of ridiculous nonsensical music you’re about to delve into while leaping into it’s first song “He Rides The Skies.” The song blasts in with fury similar to the “Darkness Becomes” track they offered before the band had originally disbanded. Going into “Zargon Moth,” riddled with psychotic double bass patterns, and a very odd off centered high vocal chorus, you’re really in for some deep crazy stuff. The album continues on with the story with more varied Metal styling’s up until “Magic Guillotine,” which takes on more of a story telling element akin to Devin Townsend’s Ziltoid albums.

Then the album gets really weird with these island drums, bringing in a calypso element on “The Blood Maiden.” In a more bold move, they move towards an almost Anthrax/Public Enemy meets Beastie Boys sounding track with “You’re fucked” before going into an almost Dillinger Escape Plan meets Mr. Bungle style in “The Goat is Dead.” You’d almost think at this point in the album that Wes is messing with you with the weird track “Where Did All The Good Guys Go?” which sounds like it was recorded by some poorly lit rented basement church band with a Casio keyboard. We get a return of those fun island drums in the catchy “My Girl Daisy” which sounds like it could fit in well on the Beetlejuice soundtrack. The album closes with a hidden track I mentioned before with the previously released “Darkness Becomes” which is well worth the purchase alone.

Bottom Line: This is a great way for Wes to express his creative side, and while it doesn’t come off as fan service, it’s a great album you never thought you’d get out of him.
Notable Tracks: Darkness Becomes (hidden track), Zargon Moth, Master of Chaos, He Rides the Skies
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