Black Suit Youth – “Room Without A View”

Album Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2014

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Alternative/Hard Rock

Black Suit Youth are a four-piece alternative hard rock band based out of Long Island, NY. “Room Without A View” is the bands junior album under the Black Suit Youth moniker.

What I liked right off the bat with BSY was that they didn’t waste any time getting this album kicked off. The opening track, “Another Night In The Tombs” is a fast, punk and metal-infused rock track that catches your attention right away. Things slow down somewhat with the next track “Don’t Give Up”, a pop-ier rock track that reminds me of earlier Third Eye Blind stuff. Things pick up again with the band wearing their punk influences on their sleeves for the next few tracks.

As you can see and hear, the progression of “Room Without A View” seamlessly jumps to the multitude of musical influences that the band has all while maintaining one singular group sound. I’ve always been a fan of variety on any album that I listen to and “Room Without A View” definitely fits that bill. I waited anxiously for those few seconds between tracks, curious as to what I would hear next.

Having no prior knowledge of Black Suit Youth and their music, this album was an eye-opener for me and one of those rare breaths of fresh air in modern rock music. This is the kind of indie band that stands out from the slew of Vampire Weekend or The Black Keys wannabes. Take some rock, punk, metal and alternative influences, put them in a blender and that’s what you get with Black Suit Youth. And I like it.

Bottom Line: With influences such as the Foo Fighters, Guns N Roses, Bad Religion and Bob Dylan…there’s a lot of variety to be found on this album. You never know what you’ll hear next.
Notable Tracks: Another Night In The Tombs, Soy Bomb, Brothers, The Hudson
Overall Rating:


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