Bury Your Dead – “We Are Bury Your Dead”

Album Reviews | Oct 30th, 2019

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Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore
Record Label: Stay Sick Recordings
Link: buryyourdeadmusic.com
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Massachusetts Metalcore/Hardcore act return with their first new recordings since 2011’s Mosh N Roll in this new EP We Are Bury Your Dead.

Released on Attila frontman Fronzilla’s Stay Sick Recordings, the EP saw a limited 500-copy CD release as well as some limited 150/250 copy vinyl variants. The release was almost a poorly kept secret, in March we got the first single with “Collateral” but no mention if it was going to be from a forthcoming album. After hearing some podcasts around that Fronzilla was releasing an album and they were working for former Acacia Strain guitarist turned writer producer Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz on an EP. Noticeably absent from the release was long time guitarist/founder Brendan “Slim” Macdonald. Although, there no indicator whether or not he was or wasn’t involved in the writing and recording of the album; the limited edition CD only cover art, tracklisting and producer/engineer/mixer credit to Daniel Laskiewicz. Assuming this is like the recent Unearth album, I believe DL had his hands in a bit of the writing here, as several tracks feature his riff imprint much like some of the recent Unearth album did.

The album itself flows right in line with their previous efforts; discounting the Myke Terry era of the bands’ albums. There are times the lines are blurred and you can’t tell if you’re listening to Bury Your Dead or the Acacia Strain circa 2007. This becomes problematic to a point as I’ve noted in prior reviews about Metalcore bands. there’s a Lack of ability to evolve as they age, and while the band did attempt to evolve, that evolution fell on deaf ears to their earlier fan base. Aside from the Acacia Strain like input, you’re not exactly getting anything you haven’t heard before. But, while these might sound like complaints, the fact you’re getting a dose like this in 2019 of Bury Your Dead’s classic style is pretty cool for people longing for the simpler times of riffs being clubbed away on guitars and drums with shouty vocals.

Overall the style may be a bit dated, but with great production they’ve managed to let a caveman live on a little happier, even if the fire created here isn’t as big as it should be.

Notable Tracks: Collateral, Minority Report, Maverick
Overall Rating:


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