Chuck Ragan – “Gold Country”

Album Reviews | Sep 15th, 2009

Record Label: Side One Dummy
Genre: Singer/Singerwriter/Folk-Rock/Punk-Folk
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The previous albums from Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music (Feast or Famine and Los Feliz) were a genre changing event for me. I went from listening to punk, indie rock & hip hop to this previously unexplored territory of folk, country and blues. Chuck combines elements of traditional punk with traditional country and it’s brilliant.

Gold Country, the new record is tighter and cleaner than the previous albums. The music sounds better, more real and more mature. Chuck and friends use amazing harmonies to blend into this well thought-out, soulful record.

The album may not be as sing-a-long-ish as Feast or Famine, but I can’t stop listening to it on the iPod. Check out the Revival Tour in a neighborhood near you featuring Chuck and friends.

Bottom Line: Heartwarming, soulful and powerful country-punk-folk-rock
Notable Tracks: 10 West, The Trench & Done and Done
Overall Rating:


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