Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky – “Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky”

Album Reviews | May 26th, 2022

Chuck Wright's Sheltering Sky
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Record Label: Cleopatra Records
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Longtime Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright tries something new on this disc for Cleopatra, and indeed it’s unlike what you’d expect from a veteran of that ‘80s hair metal powerhouse.

“The Weight of Silence” invites you into a rock n’ roll show of epic proportions (it’s all instrumental) followed by “Army of Me,” which may remind you of the prog-rock sound of Savatage or Dream Theater, a theme that continues on the later track “Throwin’ Stones.” “The Other Side” takes things in a new direction, and “Time Waits for No One” is a trippy journey through harmonics and the beating heart of metal-inspired rock.

“Darkness Darkness” is another cool melding of various styles, including drum circles, metal and even Scots-Irish folk instrumentals (trust me). The disc ends with a reprise of “The Weight of Silence,” thus bringing the entire affair full-circle.

Different, weird and listenable, “Sheltering Sky” is an intriguing journey despite some of its lesser tracks.

Notable Tracks: The Weight of Silence, Darkness Darkness, Throwin’ Stones, The Other Side, Army of Me
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