Creature with the Atom Brain – “Transylvania”

Album Reviews | May 29th, 2010

Record Label: The End Records
Genre: Alternative
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Belgian alternative rock Creature with the Atom Brain’s album “Transylvania” came out over there in 2009, but it’s just seeing the light of day in the States now. I actually never heard of this band before but I kind of like what I hear.

The first “I Rise The Moon” is okay but I prefer the second track “The Color of Sundown” to that one. It’s hard to describe this band and their sound. I guess its alternative noise rock meets indie rock? I wouldn’t necessarily listen to this on a daily basis but it’s nice background noise. I think Creature with the Atom Brain’s music is fitting for a movie soundtrack. It just has that bluesy alternative sound you’d hear somewhere, like in the end credits of True Blood. Give Creature with the Atom Brain a shot, you might like them.

Bottom Line: Decent album from a band I never heard of
Notable Tracks: The Color of Sundown, Transylvania,
Overall Rating:


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