Fake Problems – “Its Great To Be Alive”

Album Reviews | Jan 10th, 2009

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Record Label: Side One Dummy
Genre: Rock
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Fake Problems second full-length album is released on their new label, Side One Dummy.

Their last album and EP was released on Sabot Productions. The band hails from Naples, Florida and has an eclectic rock sound. They sound like a cross between Against Me and Ducky Boys. I say Ducky Boys because the vocalist has that growl like Mark Lind. But one wont overlook the fact that Fake Problems sound too much like Against Meat least the first part of this album.

If they stuck to bluegrass/folk punk songs like The Heaven & Hell Cotillion, they wouldnt be compared to Against Me as much. Towards the end of the album, they seem to venture off into different styles and I like that. While some songs I didnt like, I enjoyed this album for the most part. Fake Problems is hard to describe as a band since they play so many styles of music. Whether or not people will like those styles; thats the question.

Bottom Line: An interesting album but think they sound too much like Against Me
Notable Tracks: Youre A Serpent, Youre a She-Snake; Diamond Rings
Overall Rating:


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