Franz Ferdinand – “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand”

Album Reviews | Jan 30th, 2009

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Record Label: Sony
Genre: Indie
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Besides hearing a few tracks here and there on the radio, I never really listened to Franz Ferdinand. I decided to get the new album and Im glad I did because its one of my favorite albums of the year already. I cant seem to stay away from the album too long and have to put it almost everyday. Im not sure fans of the band will like this new direction or not, but I know I like this album a lot and thats all that matters in the end.

The band has been away from the scene for a few years, recording and changing their sound slightly. Whatever they have done, they need to stick with it because their music hasnt sounded better! Franz Ferdinand sounds like the Kinks with a bunch of synth DJs. Each song has these sonic synth hooks that will be playing in your brain on repeat. They have incorporated dub rock and electronica and have stirred away from indie rock and post-punk. Those elements are still there a little but these songs can be danced to in a nightclub instead of a rock clubor both. I guess you can classify this album as dance-punk in a way..but not really.

The first track Ulysses is the bands first single thats getting a lot of airplay and its a cool track. I prefer all the songs after it though. I think the next single will be No You Girls, because its the catchiest song on the album. It also happens to be my favorite as well. Twilight Omens has this synth beat and I cant figure out how they are getting the sound. Its got to be some type of keyboard or synthesizer? Bite Hard starts off slow but dont skip to the next track because the song gets REALLY good! I think its one of the more notable songs on the new CD. I read that the band bought a human skeleton to create sounds on this album, which is both weird and really cool at the same time. You can tell they have gone to great lengths to standout from the rest of the crop. Its been awhile that you heard the name Franz Ferdinand but Im happy to say that the band is back with one of their best albums to date!

Bottom Line: Their best album to date!
Notable Tracks: Ulysses, No You Girls, Twilight Omens, Bite Hard, What She Came For
Overall Rating:


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