Ian Jones – “Results Not Typical”

Album Reviews | Apr 4th, 2023

Ian Jones - "Results Not Typical"
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Record Label: Thin Silver Records
Genre: Americana

Seattle-based Ian Jones has some more Americana music on “Results Not Typical”; the album name itself which might as well describe the music on this disc from the talented songsmith after his earlier EP, “The Evergreens.”

The country-esque “Rollin” must surely be added to your next road trip playlist posthaste. “You Can’t” is an intriguing morality play about the finality of some decisions, and Jones’s philosophizing continues on “Someday.” I really dug “Athens Smile,” which is about finding some joy not in Greece but in the same-named city in Georgia. “She Is Lost,” the very next track, takes a different tack into a tear-filled downtempo story told in song. Pay particular attention to “You’re Gone” later on the album, as well as the following gospel-influenced “Have Mercy.” Album-capper “Goodbyes Are the Hardest Words” is a sweet parting gift from Jones, whom I hope to see more of very soon.

The album might not be solidly amazing front to back, but there is quality songwriting from Jones much in evidence. It’ll be hard to wait for his next album.

Notable Tracks: Athens Smile, Rollin, She Is Lost, Goodbyes Are the Hardest Words
Overall Rating:


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