JD Clayton – “Long Way From Home”

Album Reviews | Jan 16th, 2023

JD Clayton - "Long Way From Home"
Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Country
Website: https://www.jdclaytonofficial.com/

It’s always a privilege learning about a new talent, so come on down JD Clayton!

“Hello, Good Mornin’” is a fun way to greet the new day that is this album, followed by the rather entertaining, aspirational “American Millionaire.” “Goldmine,” well, “taps” into something very toe-tapping on its tour of the narrator’s search for love, followed by the deliciously bittersweet “Long Way From Home”—a sentiment much in earnest this time of the year.

“Cotton Candy Clouds” is a sugar-filled confection of a yearning love song, followed by a rather spirited rendition of “Midnight Special,” which has been covered by everyone from Harry Belafonte to Creedence Clearwater Revival. Then comes “Different Kind of Simple Life,” a down-home country tale about the good old boys, and closer “Sleepy Night in Nashville”—which, if you’ve ever been to Music City, is as uncommon as a cold night in hell.

Clayton shows promise on his compositions, arrangements and vocals, and his ability to weave a pleasant yarn is commendable.

Notable Tracks: “Goldmine,” “Long Way From Home,” “Cotton Candy Clouds,” “Sleepy Night in Nashville”
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