Jeff Hulett – “Sun Recordings”

Album Reviews | Feb 28th, 2022

Jeff Hulett - "Sun Recordings"
Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Small Batch Records
Genre: Folk/Singer-Songwriter

Jeff Hulett is seemingly more prolific than the late great Prince, as he’s already unleashed a new 7-inch after a full album only last month! “Spin Your Wheels” is an uptempo reminder to, as the Dude might say, cool it down, man.

It’s a really fun track. And, as Hulett reminds us in the song lyrics, “It’ll be just fine.” Try to keep that in mind. On the opposite side of the vinyl (for you non-hipsters out there, ask your parents what it means to flip over a record), Hulett treats us to “This Bird,” which echoes the best traditions of the singer-songwriter tradition—and might even said to be a tad Dylan-esque, if I might be so bold.

Do yourself a favor and seek out our favorite Memphis songwriter’s work, and see him live in and around Grind City now that live music is (thankfully) returning once again.

Notable Tracks: Spin Your Wheels, The Bird
Overall Rating:


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