Jeff Hulett – “The Josh EP (Something Borrowed)”

Album Reviews | Aug 3rd, 2023

Jeff Hulett - "The Josh EP (Something Borrowed)"
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Record Label: Small Batch Records
Genre: Folk/Singer/Songwriter

Jeff Hulett is back…again. Like again again again. With such a continuous output, surely Jay-Z will be calling soon to get him on the payroll!

“The Josh EP” is a brisk, five-song, less-than-15-minute walk through more of Hulett’s continual output—and, as he explains, it’s a tribute to his friend and frequent collaborator Josh Cosby, whose musical input appears on the disc. (They are also neighbors, hence the funky cover artwork.) “It’s Not the End,” as the Memphis Maestro kicks off the EP; rather “it’s the start of something new.” Stark reminders for all of us, no matter what chapter is closing behind you. He even gets funky with some Beatles-esque studio tricks involving what sounded like reversed violin parts. “Whatever You Want” is a fine love song, which could be directed either at Hulett’s wife Annie—or to whomever the perhaps-fictional narrator sees fit to swoon.

The winner may likely be “You’re Not Fine,” which melds sounds of bluegrass, country, singer-songwriter strains and adds in some intriguing vocal echo effects for good measure. This is among his best songs yet. The love song stylings are back on “You Can’t Stand It,” which is simultaneously a paean to the narrator’s daughter, as well as her mother. The brisk EP ends with “Mundane,” which might best be described as alt-country. But given Hulett resides in the same city as Lucero, perhaps that’s not surprising.

I’ve lost count of the number of releases he’s put out in the last year, but with 2023 barely past the halfway point, I’m guessing we’ll get a half-dozen or so more by the holidays. Keep it up, Jeff!

Notable Tracks: You’re Not Fine, Mundane, Whatever You Want
Overall Rating:


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