John Player Specials – “Identification”

Album Reviews | Jan 10th, 2009

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Record Label: Do The Dog Records
Genre: Ska
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John Player Specials is a young ska outfit from Wigan, UK. Do The Dog is re-releasing their EP Identification, which is great since this EP is a pretty cool ska album. Granted its only 5 songs, it at least makes us want to hear more from John Player Specials.

The songs have your mandatory ska upstroke, good vocals, some horns, and even a ukulele. I love the ukulele sound and loved the song Written In Stone because it had the uke in it. My advice to John Player Specials, use the ukulele on your next album in every song because theres not that many ska bands that use it. Maybe King Django, thats about it? The instrument definitely makes you stand out from other bands, thats for sure.

If youre looking for some new ska bands to check out, you can listen to this EP on the bands MySpace here. I liked this EP from John Player Specials and looking forward to their next release, which comes this year.

Bottom Line: Great 5 song EP from this UK ska band
Notable Tracks: Knocking On Wood, Written In Stone
Overall Rating:


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