Lissie – “My Wild West”

Album Reviews | Feb 10th, 2016

Lissie - My Wild West

Record Label: Lionboy Records
Genre: Indie/Singer/Songwriter
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Lissie’s back with her third record, “My Wild West” on her own label, Lionboy Records and you can tell the album means a lot to her as an artist. After some soul searching and desire to rediscover herself away from California, Lissie moved to the Midwest. Deep, personal songs make up this record as each song deals with how fickle the music industry can be. Trying to find happiness in a distant land, and rising above the personal struggles with such persistence and perseverance.

Lissie’s desire to leave California after 12 years to start something new, as she says “start a new adventure”, was a cathartic experience. Powerful and uplifting to get out from the cloud, no pun intended, from California and try something different. The Midwest offers that yet with today’s music industry, the need to be in the heart of where the industry is based doesn’t do much for one’s career anymore.

The singles “Hero” and “Don’t You Give Up On Me,” are the stand out tracks on “My Wild West,” while the rest of the record is just as fantastic. Perhaps they were more upbeat and faster that grabbed me. Lissie can do it all though. She can hit the low notes just as well as the high. Those high notes, when they are hit, give you goosebumps! Lissie’s voice is so effortless that it all seems so natural. At times, the songs can be haunting like “Stay,” and “Daughters.”

When I try to describe Lissie to other people, I give the example of a “Singer/songwriter” Folk Indie Rocker that has similarities to Stevie Nicks at times. Although, I am sure she’s heard that before. Lissie keeps on making fabulous records and My Wild West continues that streak. I can’t wait to check out the tour in March and April for the first time!

Bottom Line: Fantastic record with some very personal songs that makes Lissie’s vocal shine.
Notable Tracks: Don’t You Give Up On Me, Hero, Wild West, Daughters, Sun Keeps Risin’, Stay
Overall Rating:


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