Marianne Pillsbury – “The Wrong Marianne”

Album Reviews | Sep 7th, 2008

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
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Very strong debut from this singer/songwriter who delivers intelligent, war-of-the-sexes, early Liz Phair-ish lyrics over newer Liz Phair-ish pop rock.

The juxtaposition of smart, serious lyrics over fun pop is a bitter pill dipped in honey. For instance, on first listen, “Sweet & Sour World” is a bouncy, almost disco-ish pop song, but the lyrics is a serious warning to fellow young women who might find themselves in a similar bad situation.

“Supersize” and “Swallow A Fly” are jangly, fun tracks that hide sarcasm behind the typical I love you, I worship you lyrics. Other songs offer up diatribes against exes and bad experiences against the backdrop of either grungy rock beats or infectious melody. Sweet and sour, Marianne Pillsbury is food for thought.

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