Midnight Mantics – “Mixtape Vol. 1”

Album Reviews | Sep 23rd, 2015

Midnight Mantics - Mixtape Vol. 1

Record Label: Mantics Music
Genre: Synth Pop
Band Link: http://www.midnightmantics.com
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Midnight Mantics is a band that should have been in a John Hughes movie, except they are a few decades too late for that. Synth pop has been in a resurgence of late but Midnight Mantics stand out amongst the batch. I wasn’t expecting these guys to sound awesome but Mixtape Vol. 1 has been playing nonstop in my apartment.

The band features Nashville based duo of writer/vocalist Adam McCants and producer/multi-instrumentalist Stacy Hogan, and I guess a few others to help out in other areas. You can pretty much have this entire album be the soundtrack to an 80s romantic comedy starring John Cusack or Molly Ringwald, and it would totally fit in. The first track and their single “City of Dreamers” makes me think of Erasure. Synth heavy, thumping drum beats, melodic vocals that makes you want to jam out with your Swatch on. If you don’t like what you hear with this song, more than likely you won’t like the rest of the album.

“This Love Never Breaks” is one of my favorite songs on the album and it’s more upbeat than the others. Another upbeat one is “Meant To Be” and the song is just meant for a movie montage. Anyone can just play synth pop music but to have the music pay tribute to the 80s but not in a corny way is important as well. They aren’t just some cover/tribute band called Fear for Tears or Old Order, they are playing original songs for the most part.

Their latest single “Mixtape” is a good example of paying tribute to the 80s. I’m assuming the song is about a teenager giving a crush a mixtape to win her over with music. I know I’m certainly guilty of that in the 80s. “Here ya go, Side A has Wang Chung’s “Everybody have Fun Tonight” because I think we could have some fun together. On side B, be sure to listen to Nu Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait”…because baby, I can’t wait to hear what you think of this bitchin’ mixtape!”

Towards the end of the album, the band doesn’t cover an 80s song which I guess would be the obvious choice. They do however cover Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds” and the song just fits as a synth pop song. Who would have even thought that! If you enjoy music from Erasure, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones and Tears for Fears, you’ll love Midnight Mantics. Break out that boombox if you still own one, find an adapter to hook up your iPod (if you still own one) and then blare this band out in the streets!

Bottom Line: Life moves pretty fast, so you better listen to Midnight Mantics before you miss out!
Notable Tracks: City of Dreamers, For Everything To Change, This Love Never Breaks, Meant To Me, Mixtape, Suspicious Minds
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