Midnight Mantics – “Vibe City” EP

Album Reviews | Nov 21st, 2017

Midnight Mantics - Vibe City
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Record Label: Mantics Music
Genre: Synthpop
Band Link: http://www.midnightmantics.com
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The debut album of Midnight Mantics (duo Adam McCants and Stacy Hogan) was entertaining as hell if you loved the 80s like I do. I’ve been waiting for new music from this Nashville-based band since their debut and happy they have new music out, even if it’s just an EP. The EP is more of the same, with some added influence of current pop music mixed in there too. You won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of 80’s influenced synth-pop.

“You For a Lifetime” sets the album off right, giving us a mixture of catchy choruses and music to dance around to. All the 80’s homages are still there, calling back to bands like New Order, Erasure, Howard Jones and many more from that decade. To me, some of their songs are a little bit updated to match the synth-pop resurgence bands like Walk The Moon but not too much where it doesn’t feel like 80s music.

“Hear My Heart” and “Rewind” are examples of the band doing a slower material and it doesn’t suck. While I prefer the band’s upbeat tunes, this style isn’t bad at all and doesn’t make me want to skip the track. The songs showcases Adam’s vocals quite well. “We Own The Night” is a good track that showcases off Stacy Hogan’s synth work. The chorus for that is fun too. The highlight of the EP is the second to last track “Some Kind of Gravity.” Right from the start of it, makes you want to dance like Kevin Bacon in Footloose and is the type of 80’s pop song I used to listen. I love the high-pitched falsetto Adam gets to right before the chorus happens. I wish they did more songs like this and in this style. Just so damn good!

I’m happy the band has released new music but kind of bummed it’s only an EP. Makes you want more but all EPs are like that for me. Bring on a new full-length album, says the spoiled fan….

Bottom Line: Another tubular album from the 80’s influenced synth-pop band from Nashville!
Notable Tracks: You For A Lifetime, We Own The Night, Rewind, Some Kind of Gravity
Overall Rating:


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