Neverdie – “No Rock Unrolled”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 8th, 2008

Record Label: Club Neverdie Records
Genre: Techno-Rock
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Whoever says that there isnt money in playing video games should probably set up an interview with Jon Jacobs of Neverdie. Hes made a fortune in the game Project Entropia, a space fantasy MMO. Apparently with all that extra money, hes decided to waste a little bit of it on recording a faux blues/rock/techno album.

Upon first listen, No Rock Unrolled was a lot different that I had expected it to be. Missing were the Lords of Acid techno-sludge that I had been expecting. They were replaced with country twang and blues rock riffs from 1972 that have been intertwined with a subtle techno/hip-hop overtone. While the first couple of songs were decent, when the techno dance beats started to arrive the album really just jetted off into outer space.

Most of No Rock Un Rolled seems forced and hokey at times. The songs are bland, unentertaining and maybe worth a single listen at best. As for repeat listens, not going to happen here.

Bottom Line: One popular song goes to someones head and this is what happens. Think before starting a band kids!
Notable Tracks: New VU Blues, Can You Reach The Button?
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