Nick Swardson – “Seriously, Who Farted?”

Album Reviews | Mar 18th, 2010

Record Label: Comedy Central Records
Genre: Comedy
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Some of you know Nick Swardson as the gay roller-skating prostitute on Reno 911 or the guy from Grandma’s Boy but he’s also a comedian. His follow-up “Seriously, Who Farted?” to “Party” was released back in October 2009 and I’ve been meaning to check this out, just never got around to it until now. I’m glad I finally gave Nick’s stand-up a chance because it’s some funny stuff!

This was recorded (and filmed for DVD) in Austin, Texas. Nick covers a lot of ground but mainly talks about partying, boozing, how booze is amazing, weed, how people think he’s gay, sex, UFC and some other things. But mainly Nick’s stand-ups will appeal to college students. I guess people that like the movie Grandma’s Boy will like his stand-up. I still haven’t seen that movie by the way. I’m skeptical about a comedy when it was in and out of a theater in a matter of a week.

I thought his funniest bit was him telling a story when he was 19 or so and got a handjob from an old lady at a shady spa. Even if it wasn’t true, it’s still funny! There are 12 tracks in all, and if you like Nick Swardson’s act, be sure to watch this on DVD or get the album instead.

Bottom Line: A funny stand-up that will appeal to college kids
Notable Tracks: Booze is Amazing, Old Lady Hang Job, Ninja Reunion
Overall Rating:


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