Ohbijou – “Swift Feet For Troubling Times”

Album Reviews | Sep 28th, 2008

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Lo-Fi
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Atmospheric lofi indie with wispy female vox, violin, cello, pianos, flute, bells, whistles, harpsichord, even a moog.

The layers of instrumentation add up to some pleasingly cloudy sounds but don’t help with song crafting. Except for when they throw in a little bluegrass shuffle, the tunes are dull and interchangeable – bad for an hourlong, 15-track album.

I like a number of low-key, lo-fi bands, and I can appreciate Ohbijou in small doses. Listening to a number of their songs back-to-back, though is like sitting through an endlessly looping lullaby.

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