Panda Riot – “Far & Near” EP

Album Reviews | Aug 22nd, 2010

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Shoegaze/Dream Pop
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Wonderful, unbearably sweet and perfectly constructed dream pop. All the pieces swirl together so nicely – angelic female lead and background vocals; hypnotic, electro-lite-like drumming; honeyed guitar jangle with spurts of well-placed distortion… this 6-track EP is a thing of ethereal beauty.

Panda Riot is like Lush singing Christmas carols while falling in love with you. They’re so charming and dreamy, I suspect they’re part of an evil plan to lull the world into love and peace. Dastardly!

Bottom Line: Warm fuzzies, sleep sparkles, sonic bliss-outs, heart flippy-flops – these guys do it all.
Notable Tracks: Julie In Time, Streetlights and You and Me, 16 Seconds
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