Peacocks – “After All”

Album Reviews | Sep 6th, 2010

Record Label: I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records
Genre: Rockabilly
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The Peacocks have been a band I’ve been listening to on and off again since 1998 when their In Without Knockin’ album was released. The last album I heard from the Peacocks was their 2004 album It’s Time For and I have to say, this album is probably their best album to date!

The title track “After All” starts off the album nicely. It has that nice mixture of punk rock and rockabilly, which sums up their music. I always say this, but I always ask myself why I don’t listen to these guys more. Every time I listen to their albums, I get in a rockabilly/psycho-billy mood.

The first couple of tracks are good, but nothing even compares to the song “Thanks for The Young Idea.” I think it’s my favorite song from the Peacocks now. I’d even go as far as saying it’s definitely in my top 5 songs of 2010 from any band! There’s just something about this song that I love. The beat of it, the lyrics, the chorus; it’s just a brilliant song! Buy this album just purely on this song alone, and then you get 14 other tracks along with it. A win-win situation!

Bottom Line: By far the best album from the Peacocks!
Notable Tracks: After All, Not Your Man, Thanks For The Young Idea, Against It
Overall Rating:


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