The Planet Smashers – “Mighty”

Album Reviews | Sep 7th, 2008

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Record Label: Stomp
Genre: Ska
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To be honest, I hadn’t bothered with the last few Planet Smashers CDs, and now I suspect I’ve missed out.

Mighty is very mighty, just pure fun pop-infused third wave, in the vein of the quirky, upbeat Midwest mid-90s sound, but with more maturity than goofiness.

Bright horns and keys and constant guitar upbeat, the music just makes you want to bop around. The lyrics are sometimes serious, sometimes dopey, but always delivered in that smiling, god-I-love-doing-this style of Matt Collyer.

Every song is a winner, but check out the excellent title track, “Explosive” featuring Neville Staple, the Police-ish “Direction”, the downtempo singalong “Can’t Stop Now”, and the really heartfelt – if not downright beautiful – “Recollect”.

This is a tremendous ska album with excellent songwriting and utmost catchiness. This is without a doubt the best third wave release in years.

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