Restless Townies – “Miles Away”

Album Reviews | Apr 9th, 2021

Restless Townies - "Miles Away"
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Record Label: Small Batch Records
Genre: Folk/Jazz/Experimental/Jam
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The Memphis sound continues to surprise, no matter how many times something new comes out of that vaunted city’s streets. Jeff Hulett (whom we’ve written about before in this space), got together virtually with collaborators Melissa Goodwin Shepherd and Adam Poor for this rather unique collaboration.

The haunting “Lullaby” opens the album, with dulcet harmonizing from singer Shepherd. Hulett brings out verbal verve to go along with his excellent guitar playing on “Coyote.” “Son of a Gun” is eerie and haunting, what with its Western themes and cowboy motifs-all of it overlaid with Shepherd’s groovy singing. “For Worse or Better” is simple but not simplistic – far from it. This is followed by the rather tender “Lipstick (Lovebug Mix)” and the poetic “The Wake.” Hulett’s singular vocals return on the titular track, which caps off the album, followed by a remix of “Lipstick.”

“Miles Away” is yet more proof that musical collaboration is possible, even when being together in the same room is not.

Notable Tracks: Lullaby, Son of a Gun, For Worse or Better, Lipstick
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