Rip Smops – “Life Is Sad”

Album Reviews | Dec 14th, 2008

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Quirk Rock
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Finally, a press release tells it like it is:

“You probably won’t like Rip Smops or his music. There are various experiences in Rip’s past that would justify you not liking him, but…”

The press release goes on to say that Rip Smops is “prone to suicide”, as he suffers from dysthymia, or lifelong depression. That’s unfortunate; certifiably chronic depression is no joke.

But that doesn’t make this music any good, by any means. At risk of sending Rip Smops over the edge, this music is absolutely awful. The “singing” is a cringey, off-key mix of Broadway showtune and sprechgesang, and the music is an irritating attempt at zany that just sounds like someone testing out bad Zappa songs on a rusty Casio set to a Caribbean beat.

A song here or there isn’t so bad. “Honesty” has a funky beat and kind of works. I only got halfway through its 22 songs, but law of averages says that there’s another decent song on here.

Anyway, depression is a terrible thing and a hobby certainly helps. But can I recommend stamp collecting or needlepoint?

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