Robb Blake – “One Man Ska Explosion”

Album Reviews | Nov 22nd, 2008

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Record Label: Do The Dog Records
Genre: Ska
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Robb Blake, the one man ska explosion is back with a full-length album on Do the Dog Records.

Blake is the ex-singer from Whitmore, a ska band from the UK. I liked his previous recording No Time To Waste but it left me wanting more. That has been answered with this new release. One Man Ska Explosion contains 14 upbeat 2 tone, ska/reggae tracks. The audio production has a slight echo to the vocals but I like that. The one complaint I had last time was that he sung with this deep reggae voice sometimes, that has changed for the most part. Blake still sings with a deeper voice at times, but it doesnt sound as silly. I like his voice and the songs are nicely arranged. I thought this album was just as good as his previous album, if not better. Im looking forward to Robb Blakes next album.

Bottom Line: Just as good as his first album. Fans of Chris Murray will love this!
Notable Tracks: Pick Yourself Up, 10ft Wall, 0-60, Its Never Over
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