Roll The Tanks – “Suffer City”

Album Reviews | Oct 25th, 2008

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Record Label: Intelligent Noise Records
Genre: Punk
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Roll The Tanks now hail from Los Angeles, but they were originally from Boston, MA. The group play a noisy rock sound that’s sort of a mixture of Against Me, The Clash and Gaslight Anthem. I never heard of this band before but I liked what I heard in this album. These guys seem like they would be fun to see live. I would think there would be lots of sing-alongs like Against Me and Gaslight Anthem shows.

No More Scoffing opens up the album and you get a good sense of what the band is about with this song. Echo sounding vocals, noisy guitar riffs and catchy choruses. You can’t forget the Hey! I wouldn’t necessarily call Roll the Tanks a punk rock band, but they definitely have some songs that I would consider punk. It just seems like fast tempo noise rock to me. I was quite surprised that I liked this album so give these guys a shot.

Bottom Line: An interesting punk rock album
Notable Tracks: No More Scoffing, Blood Flow, Saddle Up
Overall Rating:


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