Rude Boy George – “Love My Way”

Album Reviews | May 4th, 2018

Rude Boy George - Love My Way
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Record Label: Self Released
Genre: Ska
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The ska band that just covers new wave music from the 80s is back with new music, with a 4 song EP. This EP was recording in late 2017, before the band transitioned into their new lineup. Although, Jenny Whiskey performs vocals on the new EP. With each release, the band just keeps getting better and better and this is a must-have for fans of ska and the band!

For this album, RBG cover The Pretenders, Yazoo, Gary Numan and The Psychedelic Furs. An interesting collection of songs that I know or don’t normally listen to. The opening track is The Pretenders’ “Middle of the Road,” which has been played frequently at their shows in the past. While I know of the song, I never really listened to the song all that much. No idea why but just the way it is. That has changed after hearing RBG’s cover of it. Jenny channels Chrissie Hynde’s style of singing perfectly and this is perhaps one of the best covers the bands have done so far. Really danceable song!

Rude Boy George’s single “Only You” is a cover by Yazoo, which I honestly never listened to. I’m usually good on 80s songs and knowing what they play, but not with this one. Their cover is good though and I like the duet between Roger and Jenny. I believe RBG used to play “Cars” when they first started as a band, but then kind of stopped playing it for awhile. They brought it back and recorded a cool cover of it. Definitely one of the more recognizable 80s songs they have covered to date. Pamela’s keyboard/synth player on this track really shines too! I like Jackie’s baritone sax sound that accompanies the track as well. That deep sax sound will be missed as I don’t think Jenny Whiskey plays baritone. The final song is the title track and cover “Love My Way,” by Psychedelic Furs. It’s a reggae style version and compliments the other 3 songs quite well.

I love hearing new music from Rude Boy George and can’t wait to hear some of these live. 4 tracks isn’t enough and always makes me wanting more. That’s like that for any band releasing an EP. Hopefully the band gets back into the studio to record a new full-length. If you’re a fan of ska and new wave and don’t know about Rude Boy George yet, why the hell haven’t you listen to them yet! Get the album at their bandcamp page!

Bottom Line: Excellent EP that makes you want more!
Notable Tracks: All 4 tracks
Overall Rating:


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